Welcome to Red Fox Rustics

(formerly Moose River Candle Co.)

Offering custom rustic frames and signs, 

highly scented Soy Container Candles,

Soy wax melts, and custom wooden key tags, great for

personal use or for motels, hotels, and B&B's.

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Our products are now available at:

Old Forge Department Store (Ace)
Rt. 28
Old Forge, NY 

Inlet Department Store (Ace)

Rt 28  Inlet, NY

See us at the following annual craft fairs in NY State:

Inlet Arts in the Park - 3rd weekend in July

Long Lake Heart of the Park - 1st Sunday in August

Inlet Fall Fest - 3rd weekend in September

PLEASE  recycle your jars.  Once the jar is cool
enough to touch, remove remainder of wick and wick holder.
Wipe out inside of jar with paper towel to remove wax, wash jar with soap and water.  (don't put wax down your drain!!) 

Thank you for visiting our site.  If you have questions or suggestions,
please email us at: redfoxrustics@yahoo.com