Custom Rustic Frames

Our custom rustic frames are built in 
       our Canandaigua and Inlet, NY shops.

       All frames are constru
cted from
       hardwood and finished with sticks
       and twigs collect
ed from around the
  The frames can be purchased
       with or without  glass (clear or mirror).
      Sizes available range from 5x7 to
      24x24  (inside dimensions).


Highly Scented Soy Candles

Our Soy candles are hand  poured
our shop in the Adirondack
of northern NY state.
   All candles are in either glass or
   or tin 8 oz. containers.  Available
   retail or wholesale. 
   Email us for the latest scent list and prices.

Highly Scented Soy Wax Melts

Our wax melts use the same formula
as our popular Soy Candles. Each
clam shell contains (6) melts.
Available retail or wholesale.
Email us for scent list and prices.

Wooden Key Tags

  Our wooden key tags add
  a rustic touch for your hotel,
  motel, bed and breakfast guests.
  One side of the tag will have a
  stamped picture of your choice.
  The other side will have the room
  number, hand burned for a
  real primitive look.